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What to expect at your first appointment

Our office staff goes above and beyond to make your first visit to the office as efficient and painless as possible.  Before you arrive for your appointment, our team will gather your important background information, contact information, insurance details and previous dental records.  Your first appointment will include:

A comprehensive oral examination – Think of your dentist visit as a physical from the neck up. We take extra care to make sure you have a thorough dental examination, oral cancer screening and gland and tissue assessment.

Digital x-rays – No two patients are the same and neither are the number of x-rays needed during the first visit.  Digital x-rays are a valuable tool dentists use to diagnose cavities and trouble ares. Our state of the art digital x-ray technology allows us to instantly assess your oral needs. Our office may also take a panoramic x-ray which provides a two-dimensional view of your entire mouth.  Our digital technology makes this once long process now quick and seamless with reduced radiation.

Complete full-mouth charting of your gums – A critical component in monitoring your overall oral health is maintaining healthy gums.  We want to make sure your teeth have the appropriate tissue and bone support, and this process measures bone loss and detects periodontal disease around a tooth.  

Dr. Tromley will discuss your oral health in detail, recommend treatment options if needed and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We want you to feel informed of your options, comfortable with your care and tailor any needed treatment to fit your specific needs.